• closed-mailbox-with-raised-flag_1f4eb.pngHow to get a physical card?
  • credit-card_1f4b3.pngHow to activate a physical card?
  • face-with-monocle_1f9d0.pngHow can I check my PIN?
  • repeat-button_1f501.pngHow can I change my PIN?
  • thinking-face_1f914.pngWhat if my physical card is lost or stolen?
  • pensive-face_1f614.pngMy physical card is broken or damaged, how do I get a new one?
  • banknote-with-pound-sign_1f4b7.pngHow much does it cost to withdraw cash?
  • planet_1f30f.pngCan I order a physical card to another country?