We stand with Ukraine
We are proud of our Ukrainian roots and we are supporting Ukraine any way we can at this terrible time.
If you want to help too, thank you.
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How to help
The best way to support Ukraine is to donate to the National Bank of Ukraine’s dedicated account. Anything you donate will be used for humanitarian aid and to provide military equipment to those defending the country.
To help, visit uahelp.monobank.ua. This is a page created by monobank, our sister company. It provides multiple ways to contribute to the National Bank’s fundraising efforts. From here you can donate directly, or find Faster Payment details that can be used to make your contribution from any UK bank account.
Please share the link with anyone and everyone - even if you can’t donate yourself, spreading the word will help a lot.
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Michael Rogalskiy
Executive chairman, founder
It’s a horrible, unjust thing that’s happening to my home country and to the people in it. The silver lining to this is the amount of support we see from people all over the world. We see people going to the streets of their cities to protest, helping refugees on the border and spreading information about the invasion. The one thing we can do is help the people defending our country and assist with fundraising.
A couple of questions you might have
How do I know where my money is going?
You can find out more about this campaign here:

Stand with Ukraine. Save peace in the world! | uahelp.monobank.ua

How can I donate?
Follow the link and you can make a donation through your card. If you’d rather send money from your bank account, there are Faster Payment details on the page. You can use those account details to send money from any UK bank.